Deluxe Aresteline Xten Chair by Pininfarina Invites Elite CEOs

Picture this: Donald Trump relaxing in the calm geography of roomy office at the Trump Towers. And if you happen to feel envious and wish to own one then consider the Aresteline Xten office chair by Pininfarina, designed specifically considering the likes of Trump with a manufacturing cost of $1.5 million! 

Huhh�…needless not to say if the developing cost is so high then the demanding price would be competent. Pininfarina, the Italian car design firm is known for having notable clients detailing Ferrari and Maserati, but with this elite offering its targeted market includes the elite CEOs globally.

The Aresteline Xten chair is designed and developed using cushioning material Technogel, which is known for lessening fatigue by 60%, and Dynatec, a textile well-liked by Olympic athletes for making you sweat free. The chair is available from OFIS; UAE in a variety of shades with only condition of that you can afford to bear the bills.
Via DesignerGallery / Luxist
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