Frank Muller Adds Swarovski Crystals to Create Sparkling Version of iPhone Jackets

Frank Muller is the renowned Swiss watch maker and jeweler. Luxury watches and jewelry rank very high in the wish list of discerning consumers. As part of the 20thanniversary celebrations, Frank Muller had created a collection of exclusive cases for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s in early 2011. The case had got very good reviews from the experts. The cases were expensive as they were priced at $1,340. The design of the case was inspired by his Crazy Family Watches that sport the same ornate Byzantine numerals.

The collection of the case was created and released in limited edition. The case was not made with the sole purpose of giving protection to your phone but to give it a new personality. Through the six original models of the case the phone could hope to get the special stateliness and playful spirit of Franck Muller watches and jewelry. Only 500 pieces were made of each of the original six models and only 3,000 units were made available for sale throughout the world.

The cases have now gone through an upgrade. The simplest way to embellish a product is to adorn it with Swarovski crystals and you instantly create a Sparkling version of the product. The same process has been adopted to create Sparkling Models of the Frank Muller Jackets for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

 By adding some Swarovsky crystals to the original case it has been transformed into a dazzling model. The price tag goes higher to $2,143 because of the crystals. They are available throughout the world including through Japan’s Softbank.

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