Dell’s Adamo World’s Slimmest Laptop

Dell intends to wow you with its very latest creation, the Adamo, which they claim is the world’s slimmest laptop. The first pictures of the Adamo may shock you into disbelief but the statistics will convince you that this just may be true. The Adamo stands at just 1.64cm when closed and it relies heavily on this feat to impress the market.

The complete specifications of the Adamo place it at 33cm wide, 24.1cm deep and the thickness which gives it the ultra-slim appearance at 1.65cm. Adamo becomes the slimmest laptop by beating competitors MacBook Air of Apple and ThinkPad X300 by Lenovo. Unfortunately, where Dell’s Adamo wins based purely on size, it loses many admirers because of the bland design. With the main framework made from a single piece of aluminium, the Adamo intends to appear as a minimalist though elegant piece. Instead, it ends up looking more like a chunk of steel, hastily cut up and polished.

The Adamo includes an edge-to-edge 13.4” 16:9 HD glass display with a backlit keyboard and will be available in two models of Onyx and Pearl. Although neither impresses in the area of design, Dell has decided it worthy of placing an outrageous price tag, starting at $2000. With a Flash memory instead of a regular hard drive, the basic Adamo will have a 1.2GHz Intel Core2Duo processor, Wireless N, Bluetooth 2.1, 2GB memory, 128GB state drive, 2 USB ports, a USB/eSATA port and a display port. For those wishing to spend even more extravagantly, Dell offers external storage options of 250GB or 500GB, external DVD+/-RW or Blu-ray disc drive, 8GB USB drive and more.
The Adamo may truly turn out to be the slimmest laptop on the planet currently with the most decadent price, but the Dell laptop may not be as portable as they make it sound. Adamo’s competitors would be pleased to know that it is heavier than the Apple MacBook Air at 1.7kg, although still lighter than the average laptop. The Dell Adamo is available in 24 countries with the company taking pre-orders starting this week.

Via: NBR/Pocket-Lint
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