Darwin Deason and his 205 foot mega yacht tales!

The photo spread of the latest Vanity Fair shows Darwin Deson aboard his 205 foot mega yacht in a Monte Carlo harbour together with a drink and some very good company. After a glance at the picture it is hard to believe that it’s the same Darwin Deason who never attended college and grew up as a farm boy in Arkansas. A billionaire now he sold out his business process outsourcing company Affiliated Computer Services to Xerox in 2005. His net value now is slated to be worth $1.1 billion.

Although born in a landlocked city, Darwin always sought pleasure at a lake, river or a beach. When he left Arkansas for the city of bright lights, Tulsa he had only $50 in his pocket. Driven by this passion he bought his first 14 foot boat named the AristoCraft when he was only in his twenties. The zeal to own more such boats elevated to a whole new level when he bought the latest 205 feet mega yacht. 

Well it surely is one of its kind for it’s not the kind of yacht that you would see every day. Listed amongst the 200 largest yachts in the world the Apogee carries a whopping weekly expenditure which mostly includes fuel and food expenses. Read on to get more insights into Darwin Deason’s luxury in water.
Darwin Deason and his very own Apogee

Darwin Deason likes to spend a good amount of time on his yacht. Well there’s reason enough to be on this luxurious boat for it has a huge crew which is always on its heels to provide its owner and their boss with the best of service and luxuries.

Deason  sure is lucky for the staff can serve them three course dinners on the deck with an elaborate menu and all this at a drop of a hat in the middle of nowhere.

Darwin Deason enjoys change and flexibility and this is perhaps the reason behind his fondness for yachts. When a view gets utterly boring he can always move to newer and much exotic destination.

Deason has also listed his floating palace in the International Yacht Collection.
Courtesy Forbes
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