California Ranch Home By Cliff May Is Up For Sale

Architect Cliff May (1909-1989) is widely regarded as the father of the c home. So when a ranch built by Cliff May goes up on sale, it is sure to attract a lot of attention. The ranch in question here is the Alisal Ranch, a high-end property that is located in the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara, California.

 The Alisal Ranch has been listed at $1.75 million. The price may be high, but there should be plenty of takers. A Cliff May ranch does not come cheap. The 1.6-acre ranch-style home is sure to win the hearts of art and architecture fans everywhere. Alisal Ranch is a classic example of California architecture. But the beauty does not end with the structure and layout of the ranch. On entering the main residence, one is greeted by modern-style furniture from the mid-19th century. Nelson lamps add a contemporary touch to the classic, yet not dated interiors.

Current owner, architect Barry Berkus, gave the Alisal Ranch a complete overhaul recently, giving it a contemporary feel without disturbing May’s original vision. The 4,388-square-foot luxury home features four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The open floor plan and the numerous windows give this California ranch home a light, airy, spacious feel.

 The combined living-dining area is simultaneously cozy and spacious. Nelson lamps in the kitchen complement the classic design. Warm whites, creams and pale beiges add a welcoming feel to the bedrooms. The bathrooms themselves are luxuriously spacious. One striking feature is the Japanese-style Ofuro soaking tub. The California ranch home also features a pool and an outdoor barbecue.

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