Beckham Junior Drives His Own Porsche at 9!

Like father, like son. Well, that is the Beckham pattern for sure. After all, the eldent offspring of footballer David Beckham too has taken up a passion for cars like daddy dearest, that too way early in life. Yes, we are talking about Brooklyn Beckham’s latest toy, which is none other than a refined version of the ultra-small Porsche sports car.

Buzz is that the silver beauty comes at a whopping price of $72,610. Why not? Because it has been handcrafted and i powered by a diesel engine. Being a single seater, the toy car could be one reason for Brooklyn to not score too many brownie points; after all, we do know that even right now there are millions of kids and adults who would like to change places with him. In fact, we can say the same for his younger siblings too.

No much has been revealed about the make of the toy car owned by the Beckham brat. But we do wonder how safe if would be considering the diesel engine left in the hands of a nine-year old. Yeah, we know we do sound like the fox in the famous sour grapes episode. So, let’s give it to the lucky fella!
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