General Motors all set to Launch Cadillac XTS

The Cadillac brand of General Motors will soon launch the new luxury sedan Cadillac XTS which they claim is a state of the art meets high art. The Cadillac XTS replaces the Cadillac DTS OR DeVille Touring Sedan which was a full size luxury and expensive sedan. The Cadillac XTS is an upcoming mid size luxury sedan. Despite being smaller it has replaced the DTS. 

General Motors will begin production of the car in May at the Oshawa Assembly plant and the sales will begin in June. Front wheel drive and an all wheel drive will be available in this model. The XTS Platinum concept was exhibited and unveiled by General Motors at the 2010 North American International Auto show and it used Organic Light-Emitting Diode (O-LED) displays in place of traditional gauges and screens.

The new Cadillac XTS promises to drive you through the future with its state of the art design and use of very futuristic technology. Read on to know what kind of an exhilarating experience you will have once you have an interface with this luxurious and expensive sedan. The interiors of the Cadillac XTS reveal a unique and ingenious design. The interior lighting is bright and dramatic and accentuates the look of the car. The leather seats have been meticulously and intricately crafted. The seats blend in harmoniously with the metal and the wood that has been used finely and extensively for the interiors. The design of the Cadillac XTS stands out and is exquisite in every aspect. Be it the sleek mobile holder device or the steering wheel that comes with many functions has a very trendy design.

The 304 HP 3.6L V6 direct-injection engine which is extremely efficient will give you a sense of empowerment when you drive. The Bembo brakes are as smooth as butter despite being high powered at the same time. What makes the Cadillac XTS a perfect and sophisticated drive is the torque vectoring all wheel drive and the dual mode magnetic ride control. General Motors, the manufacturers proudly claim that when driving the Cadillac XTS the road may meander away to glory but the car will be as sturdy as ever.

The Cadillac XTS introduces you to CUE which is simply known as the Cadillac User Experience. The CUE has set new trends in the connection between the driver and the car. The CUE enables you to control navigation, entertainment and communication while driving the XTS. The CUE can access songs and contacts in over 10 smart phones with the use of Bluetooth. The GPS also has a voice recognition mode just making your conversation more convenient.

With the CUE you can also control the environment of the car by setting the music and radio since it can process your request quickly through the use of three computers. With very little commands you can set your favourite songs and contacts. The touchscreen of the CUE senses your hands as you approach it and you can very easily tap through it just like you would do on your smart phone or iPad.
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