Townhouse in Greenwich Village, New York Comes With a Jaw Dropping Monthly Rental of $75,000 a Month

Greenwich Village is one of the most expensive localities in one of the most expensive cities in the world. That means sky high rent for luxury rentals. But $75,000 a month sounds more like a monthly rental for a home on the moon! But that does not deter Timothy Barry and Span Architects, who are building a townhouse in the Gold Coast Block in Greenwich Village for the above mentioned rent. Well, they are not completely insane for setting the rent so high, considering the residents of this area, such as billionaires Sergei Brin and Sean Parker.

The architect has used an array of mediums such as glass, wood, stone and steel to create a fusion that breathes out modernity and sheer serenity. Some very unique ideas have been given shape here, including a glass paneled hallway, an incredible free-standing elevator to transport people to the five floors of this house, and a sky lit kitchen area fitted with some top notch appliances like the 8-burner Viking cooking range. Two floors have been set aside exclusively for relaxation and so include a living area, a fireplace, and lots more. The staircase in the centre has been fashioned out of origami steel.

There are 5 bedrooms with 5 ½ bathrooms, a terrace, a wet bar alongside the parlor in the entertainment area, a wine cellar, and even a dog grooming room. All this and more is spread out over 9,000 sq ft of space. The latest energy efficient technologies have been used for the central heating and ventilation to cater to the environment conscious buyers of today. The technical highlight of this expensive townhouse is the fact that all the controls in the house can be monitored by an iPad. This would certainly be among the most expensive homes in the Big Apple.
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