Monaco Grand Prix 26-29 May 2012

 Prince Albert of Monaco - Charlene Wittstock
Welcome to the Monaco - Grand Prix 2012

Head to Monte Carlo for the unforgettable Monaco Grand Prix this year! Monte Carlo a french speaking destination famous for glamour and has a great choice of hotels, casinos, celebrity sightings but is home to the best event the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, how can you resist. Get ready for the race, Thursday 26th May to Sunday 29th May 2012 it all begins.

The most famous event is soon approaching and May 2012 sees the F1 Grand Prix motors start. It is the slowest and the hardest circuits in the world Formula 1 Championship so get ready for a battle to the finish.  If you are planning to attend you will want to stay in either Monaco, Nice, Cannes or the French Riviera, transport can be crazy in Monaco and the surrounding areas so make sure you plan your visit well beforehand.
  There are many packages you can choose from to make this the most memorable of events you attend this year, so look for package tours which offer value for money. There are main packages you can choose from, the Terrace Package that offers a trackside race viewing from a private marquee on the garden terrace of the Hotel de Paris which is in the heart of Monaco. 
You will be within meters of the cars and have a great view of the high speed adventure.  The Ultimate Monaco Packages are the best of all, you get an exclusive pit lane tour for two people, track side Yacht hospitality or try the F1 Paddock club package where everything is catered around you with prime location for watching the race, endless service of the finest cuisine at your request and opportunities to meet and greet the racing drivers, the options are endless as our the views in Monaco.
 German Sebastian Vettel

Grand Prix tickets & Hotels online soon - Keep tuned
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