Michael Jordan Suburban Estate Goes On Sale

Basketball superstar Michael Jordan’s estate in suburban Chicago along the Lake Michigan is on the market. The highest priced luxury mansion is listed for twenty nine million dollars in Highland Park, Ill., Chez Malkin of Real estate mavens Baird & Warner has listed the residence built between 1993 and 1995. The mansion designed to Jordan’s specifications which offer amenities, security, and privacy. M J estate comprises of tennis court, basket ball court and two hundred mature pine trees. The expansive property has living space of approximately fifty six thousand square feet which boasts nine bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms and four half bath.

The privately gated estate in seven acres in the neighborhood of Highland Park offers elegant comfortable home. The stunning residence with its perfect finishes offers nine bedrooms, fifteen full bathrooms, four half bathrooms, and five fireplaces. The other features are a media centre, a guard-house, three garages with climate control system for multiple cars, swimming pool, golfing green, children playground, outdoor tennis court and indoor basket basketball court and outdoor basketball court. It is also very near to the golf course. The professional calibre indoor basketball court features hardwood flooring with cushion, adjustable baskets and backboards, sharp lighting and perfect acoustic is provided by sound system in the court space. The gate is decorated with number twenty three.

The legend star had paid $4.8 million for the land and built home at the cost of $7.6 million. Jordan lived in this house with his former wife and three children. Chez Malkin of Baird & Warner Real Estate said that Michael is selling the house for some personal reasons.

Via: Forbis
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