Custom Made Pool Covers by Tiki Concept are Decorative and Protective

Maintaining a swimming pool in your backyard, even if it is a gold swimming pool, is a monumental task in these windy months as dry leaves and twigs keep flying around all over. An uncovered and unprotected pool, if it is not a living room swimming pool, can soon become a pond full leaves twigs and debris. To take care of this problem Tiki Concept has developed and designed some unique pool covers. These covers are unique because they are decorative and offer you the choice of personalization. Once you cover your pool with the Tiki Concept cover it transforms your pool into a large table in the garden.

The prints on the cover make them look like a large canvas with the painting of your choice on it. But above all it covers your pool well and protects it effectively from the elements in your backyard. At the same time it becomes a statement of your sense of design. The fallen leaves in this season decompose quickly leading to a spread of germs and it is important that you protect and cover your pool when not in use. The Tiki Concept cover can be designed to complement other coverings or sliding shutters in your house.

The pool covers made by Tiki Concept let the light pass through. If you put on the pool lights at night it creates a stunning visual effect. The covers are very user friendly as it is very easy and convenient to set up or take off. The covers are custom made to give it a perfect fit to your pool. This opens the scope of customization and the cover can be made to fit a pool of any size or dimension. Any visual design can be put on the covers as long as it meets the basic printing specifications. The pool covers by Tiki Concept has won the Innovation Award in the safety category at the World Fair of 2010.
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