Uber-chic Lamborghini Countach Up for Sale

When Lamborghini Countach hit the street it was spectacular and striking in appearance. Leading designer Marcello Gandini has styled the body with the help of the design studio of Italy Bertone. He had formerly designed the Miura which was the forerunner of Countach.  Its appearance is sharp as a knife, and comes with spectacular scissor doors, flowing waistline, and tail of a spaceship. Its body is built from aluminum alloy. It is successor to beautiful Lamborghini Miura, when the car debuted in 1974 it looked very different in everything from the others on the street.

Over the years engines were displaced, and body showed the formation of very big wing like structures to stabilize the speed in the rear end. Performance and engines evolved in course of time. Anniversary edition is the last model which is made with top speed of approximately 185 miles per hours. Anniversary is the concluding element of the series of Countach which features four valves per cylinder and revised carburetors, with 455 horsepower.

The anniversary really is the ultimate with sleek look which could be handled better than any other vehicle and most reliable. The model consists of redesigned aerodynamic ducts to get cooled. Brake ducts are , into front dam and the rear sills. The rear and front Kevlar hoods are redesigned to keep the aggressive duct theme. The interior with retro -futuristic vibe has steering wheel, door panels and larger seats, and a few amenities like air conditioner. 

People some time find it uncomfortable with seats, gear box and pedals which are far apart, still they love to own and drive Countach with redesigning. Ferrucio Lamborghini, a tractor builder from Italy, started the company. But the most expensive Lamborghini cars still have a value of their own. It is priced at $124,995.
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