Stuart Hughes Launches Yet Another Bling iPhone

Perhaps crystals, gold and diamonds would never go out of fashion. As long as gems and the precious metals hold a sway on people’s minds, they would never go out of fashion. Right from the ancient scriptures to the magazines of the high streets of fashion, we could notice that there is an immense need to deck oneself in precious stones and metals. Lately though, the fad of decorating one’s gadgets with these crystals, stones and metals has risen and also plateaued.

With that in mind, Stuart Hughes has lunged forward to create yet another iPhone that is covered up in gold/platinum. The rim would also have intricately placed Swarovski crystals. The crystals are fused using the latest CNC technology.

It may appear to be eyecandy, but it really does not make sense to cover an iPhone with metals and stones as the idea has almost become tacky. It could no longer be considered to be hip if one wears clothes or gadgets covered in metals, stones and crystals. The price is not mentioned, but you sure could go ahead and enquire Stuart Hughes.
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