“The Gift-Box” by Moët & Chandon a sure pick for Valentine's Day...

Moët & Chandon have been synonymous with luxury and glamour since its very inception way way back in 1743. They have been bringing out some really great pieces to be given as gifts for Valentine's Day or special occasions and this year is no exception. Simply called “The Gift by Moët”, this gift hamper has been given a new twist to the traditional gift hamper. This is not just a champagne bottle but actually combines a dazzling gold container for the famous Moët Impérial champagne.

This receptacle allows you to carry the iconic bubbly to the holiday parties and the gorgeous design by Parisian agency 5.5, lets it stand out for sure. Along with “The Gift by Moët”, the company has also brought out “The Gift-Box”, which is basically a bottle of Moët Impérial encased in a box complete with Midas’ touch. It is incredible to see how Moët & Chandon repeatedly combine quality and style together in each sip of that divine bubbly.

Just giving a Moët & Chandon was a great gift idea for the upcoming holidays, but these guys decided to top that further by making it look like an offering from the Three Wise Men to your near and dear ones. Believe me, you cannot go wrong with this one. 

If you want to see all your options then check out their website for their whole range and decide for yourself. Interestingly their website allows only above 18 visitors to enter their website. I guess they are also pretty serious about underage drinking.
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