Archipod Garden Office Mesmerizes You with Serenity

Wouldn’t it be nice if you entered your office while taking a leisurely stroll in your garden? Well, this idea has been materialized, thanks to the concept of Archipod Garden Office. Needless to say, it would cut down your commuting costs, hold ups in the traffic, pollution induced stress and health problems and many more cons of having an office in the middle of the city.

These prefabricated ‘pods’ are environment friendly, are ready to use and can be put up wherever you want to. The outer walls of these pods are made up of cedar and blend in very well with your garden surroundings. The inner walls are well plastered and provide a bright and clean working environment.

It also has a large skylight (700mm i.e. 2ft 3″), a semicircular desk which extends over the inner periphery, an electric panel heater and an outlet for internet and phone lines. This immensely increases the joy of working by reducing the heating bills, traveling costs and increasing your stay at home.
So, if you need some quiet to carry on your office work without being in an actual office and that too in your backyard, you now know what to do!

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