Gemini Zodiac Sign

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Gemini Astrology May 21 - June20

Gemini's energy is all about communication and on a deeper level Gemini have an urge to make contact with others. It builds the bridges between people; it's the translator for great ideas. They have brilliant, ingenious versatile minds; they are good with words and can talk their way in and out of any situation.

Gemini is usually good at writing, and because of their quick wit you often find them as script writers or writing for commercials or even short stories. Gemini has that wonderful energy of love and can see beauty in almost anything.
When people are stuck in conflict, Gemini can see the cause of the situation and says "oh no it's not like that, we are all the same". They can usually see two sides to every question, and they tend to see the good in everything.

However they must learn to discriminate, and see right from wrong. Then say "I see it and it needs to be fixed and brought into order so we can see the beauty" but to ignore the problem is the blind spot of this energy. In the month of Gemini it is a good time to look into yourself, and see where your blind spot is, what am I ignoring, what do I need to put into order?

The Gemini energy rules the nervous system and they can be very restless and have a need to be busy all the time. They also have a very active mind and should learn to relax and calm them selves. Every energy has its own purpose to transform us in some way. The intention of this energy is to educate us in a loving way and transform us to a higher state of awareness.

When you come across people during the month that Gemini rules who are working on their project trying to reach their goal, but make a wrong action. Think of a way you can help them to get back on course, but do it in a way so they get the feeling that you are communicating it in a loving way, that you come from the heart and not power.

3D Golden Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini has quite a different energy and character trait to the two previous star signs. Every month has a different energy and if we make a point of learning what each month represent according to the star signs you will actually flow more with the energy that are available to everyone in that month.

I'm Hanne Klein and I'm an astrologer I have many years experiences in astrology. In the coming weeks I will write about the 12 star signs in a detailed unique way. After you read about your sign you will discover traits about yourself you hadn't been aware of before. Here is the link:

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