Photography As Art and Reference for Artists

By Veny Arsenov Platinum Quality Author
Photography, especially modern digital photography has given everyone the ability to become a photographer. While not everyone has the artistic eye of what we define as the artistic photographer, the tools of the digital camera and the software to manipulate those images is readily available to all. This makes it possible for anyone to develop their own photographic style or even mimic the styles of their favorite photographer.

Additionally, digital photography also makes it possible for artists of all mediums to benefit from the technology. Sculptors, painters and even writers can now find images on the internet on nearly any subject or can take the photos for themselves to use as a reference for their work. This has changed the way that art is created for many artists. What might have taken days to capture in paint, with models having to stand there for hours at a time, can now be accomplished much more quickly using digital imagery as a reference.

A painter or a sculptor can now examine objects that they are using as their subject without the object ever actually being in their presence. With software for digital images, the artist can even zoom in on details that the human eye might not be able to decipher. Will this technology phase out the artist or the sculptor as it phased out using film?

In many ways, digital imagery and their manipulation and even creation from scratch hold many advantages over painting and drawing with traditional mediums. However, digital imagery lacks a certain real feeling, the depth of paint upon paint or chiseled stone. Digital imagery can never replace the need for painters or the want for real paintings of acrylic and oil. It can however, help those artists in the creation of those works.

Does impressive technology make someone an artist though? If there are cameras that take the perfect shot, is there still artistry in photography? Absolutely, because the art does not come from the technology, rather it comes from the drive of the person to create art. As technology changes and improves, makes faster and even automates some of the work of the artist, it will always be the artist making the technology work to produce what comes their imaginations.

This has always been true throughout the ages as technology and science has improved materials and procedures that artists employ in their creative process. While many art forms still rely on the basic materials such as stone or paint, the chisels and acrylic paints that we know now were not in existence previously. Photography as an art form and a tool for artists has changed so many aspects of art and will continue to do so for generations to come. Photography even makes displaying artwork easier, such as at online art galleries and websites. is the premiere online art gallery for Boston's own fine artist, Veny. Art by Veny is the showcase that allows art appreciators from all over the globe, the opportunity to buy acrylic paintings or even to commission original, custom art by Veny herself. In homes and businesses throughout the world, Veny's high quality acrylic paintings on canvas are an expression of emotion and feeling blended in color and lovingly captured forever on high quality canvas. Veny's freedom to experiment with art techniques has produced a style that is all her own. Buying artwork created by Veny will satisfy your need for high quality fine art with value.

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