How To Understand And Shop For Contemporary Paintings

By Kostov Konstantin
When it comes to looking at contemporary paintings with the intent of buying, many who do not understand abstract art might just think the most expensive paintings, and the artworks created by well known artists, are the best. Prints and originals can create a life of their own and help a room come alive. Take a look around. Modern art is everywhere, in offices, houses, and businesses. Many people do not give them a second glance, but when that special piece really strikes you, it can be a life changing experience.

--> Painting by Ligia Fiedler

The most famous abstract artists is most likely to be Jackson Pollack. This legendary American born drip painter of the mid forties created very large pieces of artwork by laying an un-stretched canvas on the floor or ground and dripping and splattering paint on it. He never used traditional paintbrushes; instead, he used sticks and basting syringes to apply gloss enamel paint to the surface. The artworks are intricate, like spiderwebs. One of his most famous is "One Number 31, 1950." which spans an entire wall in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Many aspiring artists have claimed that their lives have changed when they went to see the exhibits in person.

So, just how does one go about understanding an abstract painting? Your first clue is the title. Most abstract paintings have very simple, bland titles, if any at all. If the title of the painting is "Man," for example, you will most likely not be able to see a figure of a human being. You might, and it may not be portrayed in traditional colors. There might be a description next to the the painting if you are in a museum or on a website. This method of interpreting abstract paintings is preferred by many who do not feel safe just getting lost in the artwork.

When it comes down to it, though, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to "understanding" abstract artwork. There is no art appreciator who can "read" a painting. But the brush strokes and colors will give the painting its effect. To you, the color red might give the modern art an angry feeling, while another viewer might think it resembles life. That's okay. The deep, black strokes might be calming to you, frightening to others. You have to use your imagination. Do not worry about whether or not you like the painting. Make friends with it. Listen to what it has to say.

Many contemporary painting shoppers would like to have a painting that they could display in an office, a bedroom, or business. Choose a contemporary painting that makes you feel happy. The aura of the room will be welcoming to visitors, even if they do not know how to really give the painting a close look. The colors can coordinate with the d├ęcor, however, it is important to remember that you may or may not want the painting to blend in. Some prefer their modern art to sit quietly on the sidelines, while others wish for it to be loud and noticeable.

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