Using Contemporary Art Prints in Your Home

 Painting by Ligia Fiedler

 Painting by Ligia Fiedler

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add style to your home, you mat want to consider contemporary art prints. By hanging these prints of your favorite images and paintings, you can not only add color to your favorite rooms, but also add a focal point for those who enter the room. With contemporary art prints, you can do wonders for any room of the house, without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

The most obvious place to hand contemporary art prints is in your living room or great room. Since this is the area where most of your entertaining will take place, it’s the idea place to begin redecorating.

Here are some steps that you should take in order to choose the right print for your home:
• Look at your room right now to see where you might want to hang a print. If it’s a large space that needs to be filled, you will need a larger print and vice versa for a smaller space.
• See what other colors are in your room and which ones you might want to enhance. By choosing a print with these specific colors, you can create more energy in the room.
•Decide if you have any themes that you want to continue. If your living room is in a southwestern decor style, try to find contemporary art prints that might enhance this look.
You can also do wonders with contemporary art prints in your kitchen area. Often, this is the other place in your home where people will want to spend the most time, so why not liven it up with some art? 

The same ideas for choosing the best print can be used in this room too, but since the walls tend to be smaller, you might want to choose smaller prints that can be groups or aligned on wall space.For example, you could choose three of the same picture, but have them in different coordinating colors for a balanced look.

Another room that could use the special touch of contemporary art prints is your bedroom. By bring in rich images and colors, you will add to the sensuality of this room and allow yourself to create a certain feeling.By adding prints of oceans and other soothing scenes, your room can become a den of relaxation. If you want something more energetic, you can choose brighter prints that add vitality and action to the room. 

You may also want to choose prints that show happy lovers in order to ramp up the loving feeling in this room.With contemporary art prints, you can create the look that you want without spending a lot of money to do so. Try to work with the furniture and colors that you already have instead of redesigning the entire area. 

Start by taking a picture of the room that you want to add the print to, and then go shopping to find the best print that fits.
Mr. Moyo Ogundipe has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. His talents in Traditional African Art and Modern African American Art are well-known. He has created numerous beautiful African Paintings. 
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CARVED WOOD | Photography by Ligia Fiedler

Photos of amazing wood sculptures, wooden carved doors, teak doors, 
taken in the South of France: in Menton, Antibes and Villefranche-sur-Mer 
and in Romania, in Cluj-Napoca, etc.

Antibes, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, France
Antibes, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, France

 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Antibes, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, France
Antibes, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, France
Antibes, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, France
 Menton, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, France
  Menton, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, France
Villefranche-sur-Mer, French Riviera - Cote d'Azur, France

TEXTURES | Photography by Ligia Fiedler

Photos of amazing textures, taken in the South of France :

Cannes - Monte Carlo - BIZARRE| Photography by Ligia Fiedler

Life is a bizarre abstract painting... If you enjoy the abstract and bizarre, here are some amazing, one of a kind photos, taken in different cities of Europe:

Cliquer sur l'image pour l'agrandir !


Monte Carlo


Fashion Sketches

Some old fashion croquis (2003 -2004)

The Astrological Sun Sign Aquarius The Water Carrier Of The Western Zodiac

Using the tropical zodiac system people born between January 20th and February 19th are known by their Sun Sign Aquarius the Water Carrier and are associated with the constellation Aquarius

The Element of the Aquarius sign is Air and the color of Aquarius is Turquoise. The star-stone of Aquarius is Turquoise and the astrological symbol for Aquarius represents waves of water. The Sun Sign opposite of Aquarius the Water Carrier is Leo the Lion and the metals of the Aquarius sign are brass and platinum. Aquarius is ruled by the Planet Saturn and is defined as a masculine-positive extroverted sign. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and the quality of Aquarians is fixed.

The traits and characteristics most commonly attributed to Aquarians are loyal friendship and honesty and they are also known for their inventive and intellectual abilities. Generally speaking the people of the Aquarius sun sign are often easygoing and humanitarian with a playful free spirited outlook. They are also energetic and trend setting with a progressive open minded attitude. The Aquarius people work well in a group and can be patient and tolerant. Aquarians can also be stubborn and rebellious with an unpredictable and undependable nature. They can also be self centered and overly judgmental with an aloof air about them as they consider themselves to be members of the elite. Aquarians appreciate friendship but can be jealous and narrow minded.

The following is a list of some famous celebrities of the Aquarius sun sign:

Evangeline Adams - February 8, 1868 - Astrologer and co-author of The General Principles of Astrology.

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin - January 20, 1930 - Astronaut, the second man to set foot on the Moon.

Corazon Aquino - January 25, 1933 - President of the Philippines from 1986 to 1992.

John Belushi - January 24, 1949 - Emmy Award-winning actor, comedian and musician.

Jack Benny - February 14, 1894 - December 26, 1974 - Legendary comedian.

Lewis Carroll - January 27, 1832 - January 14, 1898 - Author of Alice In Wonderland.

Alice Cooper - February 4, 1948 - Musician and shock rocker.

Charles Darwin - February 12, 1908 - April 19, 1882 - Author of On the Origin of Species and evolution.

James Dean - February 8, 1931 - September 30, 1955 - live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse.

Morgan Fairchild February 3, 1950 - Actress and soap opera star.

Bridget Fonda January 27, 1964 - Actress, Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominated.

Galileo Galilei - February 15, 1564 - January 8, 1642 - Scientist, mathematician and astronomer.

Matt Groening - February 15, 1954 - Cartoonist. Creator of The Simpsons and Futurama.

Paris Hilton - February 17, 1981 - Famous because she is Paris Hilton.

Michael Jordan - February 17, 1963 - Super star basketball player.

James Joyce - February 2, 1882 - January 13, 1941 - Author of the classic novel Ulysses.

Jennifer Jason Leigh - February 5, 1962- Award winning actress.

Charles Lindbergh - February 4, 1902 - August 26, 1974 - Lucky Lindy fist to fly solo across the Atlantic.

Paul Newman - January 26, 1925 - Talented actor and salad dressing chef.

Ernst Mach - February 18, 1838 - February 19, 1916 - Physicist, the speed of sound is named after him.

General Douglas MacArthur - January 26, 1880 - April 5, 1964 - I shall return.

John McEnroe - February 16, 1959 - Temperamental tennis player.

Yoko Ono - February 18, 1933 - Artist and Japanese Beatle, wife of John Lennon.

Jackson Pollock - January 28, 1912 - August 11, 1956 - Abstract painter with an unorthodox style.

Lisa Marie Presley - February 1, 1968 - Singer songwriter daughter of Elvis Presley.

Ronald Reagan - February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004 - 40th President of the United States.

Burt Reynolds - February 11, 1936 - Film and television personality.

Admiral Hyman Rickover - August 24, 1898 - July 8, 1986 - Father of the Nuclear Navy.

John Travolta - February 18, 1954 - Actor and Scientology Dianetics buff.

Oprah Winfrey - January 29, 1954 - Host of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Furniture Painting


Professionally painted furniture can add extra life to your home and bring together the colors of your room. 
Cabinet painting, dressers, antique armoires, or painted wooden chairs can make ordinary to extraordinary living space without having to replace expensive furniture.

Why We Love Abstract Art

As a professional artist, I am passionate about art and how I can use it to express myself. I also have a passion for nature so in my abstract art paintings I combine the two. I believe that abstract art is the art of the future as it conveys a message to the observer. In my experience, and I hear this from my customers all the time, people are drawn to the vibrant colors and shapes.

A piece of artwork needs to resonate with the observer for that person to want to have it displayed in their home. The painting needs to ‘ring a chord’ deep within, to hold that ‘special something’, that ‘je ne sais quoi’. 

Abstract art can be a mystery, as people don’t know why they are drawn to a piece, it just IS right for them. Color and shape play an important part in the overall design of the abstract piece. 

Some people say that abstract art is ‘easy art’ or they say ‘a child could do that !’, playing down the greatness of the abstract work. However, most abstract art is inspired work that is channeled through the artist in one way or another, so abstract art has a unique quality of being a very personal art making it unique in its concept. 

Abstract artists work with their emotions and their sense of feeling for a particular subject, whether it be seascapes, landscapes, sunsets or flowers. The way in which I work is that I tune into nature and feel inspired by its colors and shapes, then I feel a sense of deep calm and peace and am then able to paint in a very focused state, resulting in a unique piece of artwork.

That is the beauty of abstract art, you never find 2 pieces the same!! If anyone has a piece of abstract artwork in their home they will know that every time they look at that piece of art it changes their mood, a connection is made. And that is the crux of abstract art, it conveys a message. 

It can be a great healing tool whereby it can calm the emotions, spark desire or creativity, provoke a happy memory, enable the observer to daydream or just the fact of the color vibration and the effect that can have on the observer. 
Abstract art is great, it can enrich our lives and enhance our environments whether it be the office or the contemporary modern home.

Home Improvement Loans – for Home Improvement or Expansion Works

Home improvement loans, a sub-type of personal loans, are meant for home expansion or enhancement works like new room, kitchen upgrades, bathroom fittings, new furniture, wooden floors, garden landscaping, etc.
Choose from the following sub-types of home improvement loans:

Secured home improvement loan, designed for homeowners and property owners, is popular for its maximum benefits characteristics

Unsecured home improvement loan, designed for tenants, home owners, property owners and people living with their parents, like students, is popular for its ‘no collateral’ feature

A secured home improvement loan, as the name suggests, can be availed by offering collateral against the loan amount. The advantages of opting for this sub-type are – quick attention, high credit limit, competitive low APR, flexible payback terms and negotiable loan conditions.

However, a secured home improvement loan has one risk and one limitation. The risk is collateral seizure, i.e., in case of repeated defaults or non-payment, the lender gets the authority to sell the pledged asset to recover his investment. And, the limitation is slow approval process, i.e., the loan application is approved after time-consuming property evaluation along with other credibility factors.

For small home improvement works, pledging collateral does not seem practical. This is when an unsecured home improvement loan comes into the picture. This loan can be availed without offering collateral. The advantages of opting for this sub-type are – no collateral (no deposit against the loan amount), less paperwork (no red tape), quick service (fast loan processing) and no immediate risks in the event of repeated defaults or non-repayment.

However, an unsecured home improvement loan too has certain limitations – limited amount, high APR, fixed payback terms, non-negotiable loan clauses – because in the absence of collateral, the stakes are normally high for the lender.

As both secured and unsecured home improvement loans have pros and cons, planned approach is recommended.

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Home Improvement Loans: Renovation to Fetch More Equities Value

Men and women value their home the most as home to them is the most assuring and comfortable place under the sky. It is said that construction works for a home do never end. Homeowners always find jobs for renovation of their home. On the other hand, financial constraints are as real as anything. Home improvement loans are, therefore, very important.

Homeowners may decide to bring about small or great changes in their home. This decision depends on necessity and thoughts of the persons concerned. The borrowers use home improvement loans in different ways.

The citizens of Australia apply for home improvement loans for the following reasons:

a) Repairing works

1) Sewer repairs
2) Plumbing repairs
3) Roofing repairs
4) Safety repairs

b) Renovation

c) Addition of any new room

d) Landscaping

e) Construction of swimming pool or such things for luxuries

Home improvement loans are available in two variants: secured and unsecured.
The borrowers can apply for home improvement loans under secured form if they are ready to provide valuable possessions to be used as collateral. Valuable possessions include a personal vehicle, a piece of land, a home etc.

Some features of home improvement loans under secured form are the following:

a) The borrower can secure a loan of $75000 to the maximum, and the repayment tenure is favorable and flexible.
b) Monthly amount for installments is low as rates of interest are low.
c) Applications for home improvement loans are approved fast.
d) The borrowers can apply for large amount of loans.

Features of home improvement loan under unsecured form are the following:

a) The lenders do not ask for any collateral to advance this kind of loans. Both homeowners and non-homeowners can apply.
b) An amount between £500 and $25000 is available.
c) The repayment period is shorter.
d) Amount for monthly installment is high, as interest is charged at higher rates.
e) Approval of loan application is strictly made.

One important thing is that home improvement loans are advanced even to the borrowers who have credit score below 600 as per FICO, that is, who have bad credit record.

The borrowers are benefitted doubly, as their home, after renovation, fetch more equity value. They also get a chance to improve history of credit.

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Secured Home Improvement Loans - Aim your own house

Do you want make your house superior then the best solution can be secured home improvement loans. These finances help you to get out of your harms. You can be a victim of late payments, arrears, bankruptcy, foreclosures and defaults, but that still does not stop you from availing a mortgage.

These funds only vary when it comes to interest rates. If you are tainted by a bad credit history then the interest rates will be elevated. Hence, in order to avoid paying a high interest rate you ought to take the proposal to mend your bad credit score.

There are certain basics which have to be fulfilled for availing secured home improvement loans scheme. These prerequisites comprise UK citizenship, above the age of 18, solid bank account and a fixed source of income.

Compare homeowner loans have been made available in the secured and the unsecured form. In the secured form, you have to place collateral. This form is beneficial for homeowners. A sum ranging from £500 to £100000 is granted for a period of 1 to 25 years.

You can avail secured home improvement loans for renovating, maintaining or improving your house. They are smoothly available without any obstacles to tenants and homeowners.

But the main plus point now is that it gets approved really fast as it does not engross any documentation regarding the borrowers property.

The secured best homeowner loans is direct and the lenders pledge security against maybe a home or car or property which is a sanction in disguise since it helps to cover up the bad credit flaw. It occupies a low interest rate.

Due to improvement in technology, secured home improvement loans online are easily accessible through the online mode. For finding it you only have to fill up the application form with the applicable details. Then after it gets approved, the amount is credited into your account.

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