Trophy Home in New York Inspired by Palace of Versailles Listed for $114 Million

Trophy homes were not adversely affected even when the global economy went into a downturn. Now with the real estate market looking up more such homes are coming on the market. A potential record breaker is the opulent 20,000 square foot mansion that boasts of sweeping views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. The asking price has been set at $114 million. The six level house has been wrapped in a bow for Christmas. The interiors of the mansion have been inspired by Palace of Versailles, the castles of Italy and even a media room based on the owner’s favorite movie-theater in Queens, New York. All the 19 rooms in the mansion including seven bedrooms have been decorated with the finest European imported materials.

 The Mansion Was originally Built in 1883

Apart from the 20,000 square feet of living space the mansion boasts of 2,500 square feet of outdoor space in the form of a three-tiered rooftop deck. The mansion also features a saltwater pool with spa in the basement. Another exclusive feature of the mansion is that the sidewalk outside and the stoop leading to the front door can be heated for the winter months. The mansion was originally built in 1883 and now attracts an annual property tax of $178,246. Less than a decade ago the property was bought by NHL’s Florida Panther’s owner Vincent Viola and his wife Teresa in 2005 for just $20 million. They renovated the interiors completely. The process took all of three years but the effort has been worth it.

The Level of Grandeur is Awe Inspiring

The mansion now has six bathrooms, three powder rooms, a brick pizza oven in the kitchen and a picnic room. The kitchen is 40 feet wide and boasts of three stone sinks and four mahogany-framed windows that overlook 60th Street. Viola was closely associated with the grand redesign and traveled all over the world to source the materials and artifacts perfectly suited for the d├ęcor. The 900 square foot dining room is clearly inspired by Versailles and the same level of grandeur is evident everywhere in the mansion. The walls are decorated with gold leaf and the powder room has a fireplace made from Brazilian travertine and the third-floor banquet room has a black walnut heated floor. Anyone who wants to own all this will not deterred by the three digit price tag.

Louis Vuitton Develops Its 2013 Holiday Catalog as a Goose Game

The holiday season is upon us and the luxury brands are ready with their promotional plans to reach their target customers with schemes, new products and packages. Louis Vuitton has developed an interesting and innovative way to project the collection in their catalog. They have created their own version of The Goose Game that takes the visitor to their site through the luxury brand’s 2013 holiday catalog. The playful spirit behind the concept matches with the spirit of the season and it will surely encourage the user to discover and share the entire collection.

The Lucky Goose Gets Wheeled Around in LV Handbags

The Goose Gets Wheeled Around in LV Handbags
The Louis Vuitton Goose Game will give the visitor to the site another reason to spend more time there and browse through the collection while playing the game and even win some gifts in the bargain. The Louis Vuitton version of the French board game doesn’t star a supermodel or an A-list celebrity but a goose. 

The Goose Game is somewhat like a Gallic version of the Snakes and Ladders. In the LV Game the lucky goose gets wheeled around in luxury handbags by the brand and also gets wrapped up in gift boxes.  The game has been photographed by Coppi Barbieri. The board has a total of 39 spaces and each of them holds a Louis Vuitton product.

The Game Takes You Through The Collection
The products on display on the board range from bags, trunks, belts, scarves, ties, an outfit, jewelry to writing instruments and more. There are iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5 cases ranging from $400 to $550. There is the Tambour Evolution watch with an automatic GMT and chronograph which is available for $11,000. 

The digital catalog features all the details about the products displayed. You can enjoy playing the game even if you are not buying anything. Or you can add the products to your gift list or just share it with your friends on social media platforms. The goose in the game is not laying any golden eggs but it surely helps you go through the Louis Vuitton Christmas 2013 Holiday Collection to discover the perfect LV gift this season.        source

Goldgenie Creates the Most Expensive Bike Completely Plated in 24 Carat Gold

Goldgenie Creates the Most Expensive Bike Completely Plated in 24 Carat Gold

The luxury brands become hyper active during the Christmas season and often come up with lavish and even outlandish gift ideas. Goldgenie, based in London, is something of a specialist in creating luxury gifts and can practically gold plate anything. Golden watches and mobile phones have become common so this year they have brought out a men’s racing bicycle covered completely in 24 carat gold plating. It is the most comprehensive job of gold plating you will ever see as even the handlebar, spokes and chain has also been gold plated in pure gold. As a result it has not only become the most luxurious bike but the most expensive bike carrying a price tag of a whopping £250,000.

It is not only the most expensive bike but more expensive than a Ferrari and will surely give bragging rights to the owner. Its uniqueness and golden finish makes it a greater status symbol than luxury cars. Goldgenie has gone a step further and offered to bling the golden bike further and transform the bike into the ultimate once in a lifetime luxury gift. If the customer so desires they can embellish the bike further and encrust it with diamond and other precious stones. Frank Fernando, director of Goldgenie is confident of finding the potential customer who would be willing to go the whole hog and back the creation of the ultimate bike most lavishly finished.

The bike was taken out for a spin by Goldgenie near its offices in Westminster and it proved to be a real head turner. It has created a buzz and it seems its huge price tag is not a deterrent for potential customers. Mr. Fernando revealed that only one unit has been produced so far but additional orders are already coming in. The most popular gift items made by Goldgenie include gold-plated iPhones and Beats by Dre headphones studded with Swarovski crystals. They had also created a 24-carat gold replica of James Bond’s signature Walther PPK handgun. They also get very unusual enquiries like a 24-carat gold plated toilet including the seat and the commode and also a 24-carat gold vibrator.

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